KJ locksmiths is owned by proprietor Kirk Jarrett and is located within Bristol, Avon in the UK. Able to offer a complete range of locksmith services including 24 hr and urgent callout services, Kirk is a fully qualified locksmith with 4 years of expert experience. The range of jobs included lock changes, services for landlords such as complete lock changes for the entire house and ensuring everyone has a new key, as well as emergency call outs where Kirk can let you back into the house. Students are also catered for, often being let back in at 2am!

When you call a locksmith in the middle of the night, it can be quite worrying wondering whether they will turn up on time, and if the caller is a woman alone, can often be quite frightening as to whether the locksmith is reputable. You can rest assured that KJ Locksmiths are full CRB checked.

Happy to take cash or payment by debit or credit card through a mobile portal, KJ locksmiths can be in most Bristol areas within 15 to 30 minutes due to being very centrally located in Bristol near to Clifton. Also covering the Bath area, as he is based near the M4, he can also be in most Bath areas in around 45 minutes.

So if you need a locksmith fast, simply call Kirk today on 07883 448936!

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