Today I’d like to share with you how I managed to service a lock rather than ripping the customer off unnecessarily and charging them for a new one.

I attended a locksmith job off Monks Park in Horfield where a lady had requested a new lock as the old one was stiff and not working properly.

Upon close examination, I realised the lock did not need replacing but instead just needed some servicing and maintenance.

I advised the client of this, who was happy for me to go ahead.

I spent half an hour taking the lock apart, carefully servicing and cleaning each part and lubricating the lock.

I then fixed it back in place and asked the client to test it – she was very happy, commenting it was better than it had been in years!

In addition, I then looked at the door and shaved it slightly as the rain had swollen the door making it difficult to close.

The client was very happy that I had saved her from needing a new lock, and instead she was just charged the basic labour charge of £70.

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