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Locked out? Or do you need your locks changed or fixed right now? Our 24 hour locksmith Kirk is waiting for your call right now! Covering the whole of the North Somerset and Bath area, including Bridgewater, Weston-super-Mare, Cheddar, Glastonbury, and Taunton, Kirk will be with you in 30 minutes wherever you are. Simply call us now.
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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Need A Locksmith in North Somerset or Bath FAST?

    • No call out charge – pay ONLY when the problem is solved
    • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Fast response - Normally under 30 minutes
    • Card payments accepted (both in person or over the telephone)
    • Get a fixed price quotation and know exactly what you will pay
    • We will NOT add 20% VAT to the price (as we are a small local business not a call centre)
    • We will NOT drill the lock out after quoting an artificially low price to increase the bill
    • We are NOT a call centre – call and get right through to Kirk now on 07883 448936

    £79 fixed fee applies for Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm standard locksmith lock changes or repairs, where the door is already open. There will be an additional fee for supplying locks or for dealing with a locked out situation. This is due to the complex nature of our work where we may need to use additional tools and expertise to open the door.
    When having a lock changed, this £79 fee covers the first hour of labour. If you are having a lot of locks changed – on rare occasions we may need to charge for a second hour. You will be advised during the call if this is a possibility.
    Additional fees will apply out of hours – after 5pm for example the price increases and after midnight the price will be higher again due to the emergency call out nature of the work
    You will be given a fixed price when you call and there will be no extras (unless for example your lock is substantially different than the one you describe for any reason) – we do not charge VAT unlike 90% of our competitors who will add it on top only once they arrive and ask for payment
    We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the job charge in the event that our locksmith has already been dispatched. Please consider this when booking. This is because we may have turned away other jobs, incurred petrol charges and also interrupted our day to day lives if you are calling out of hours.
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    What Services Do We Offer?

    Kirk’s fast 24/7 locksmith North Somerset and locksmith Bath service is reliable and experienced. He is proud to be known as the “fastest locksmith around” by anyone that uses his services. You can ring him on 07883 448936  for a no-obligation chat. You can discuss your problem with Kirk, and he will diagnose the situation, and give you a free quote.
    ​ 24hr Emergency door opening.
    ​ Lock repair and replacement.
    ​ UPVC Door Specialist.
     Locks fitted to British Standards

    Locksmith North Somerset - Why You May Need One

    Here at KJ Locksmiths, North Somerset, we do a whole lot more than merely picking open locks. We’re also experts in lock repair and replacement, UPVC doors, fitting new British Standards locks and emergency door opening. Here are six of the most common reasons why people find they need our services.
    To let them back into their house
    We’ve all been there - standing outside of our property, usually in the rain, with the door firmly locked behind us. It can be tempting to try and pick your locks yourself or to try and break-in to another area of your home, but this can cause more harm than good to your locks, and so it’s often best to call out a local locksmith who can regain you safe entry to your property.
    To replace their lost keys
    Keys are frustratingly easy to lose, but if you lose your key outside of your home, then you have potentially left yourself open to being burgled. If you lose your key, then we can help to change your locks and to cut you a new set of keys so that your property stays secure.
    To retrieve a broken key
    Over time, keys can wear thin and eventually they may break when inside of your lock. Sometimes, the broken piece of the key will come out of the lock, and all you need is a simple key replacement, but other times, the broken portion of your key can get jammed, and you will require the services of a locksmith to get it out without damaging your lock. We have a number of tricks up our sleeve to retrieve damaged keys while leaving your delicate locking mechanism intact.
    To secure their new home
    Receiving the keys to a new property is extremely exciting, but who knows how many other copies of the key the previous owner had laying around or gave to their friends and family. To secure your new home, it’s often advised that you replace your locks on move-in day so that you can sleep soundly knowing that no one can enter your property.
    To reset electronic keypads
    You may not be able to lose the key to an electronic keypad, but you can forget the code. We don’t just fix traditional locks, we also provide services for electronic locks too, and can reset and re-code your pin code if you find yourself locked out.
    To fix or replace damaged locks
    Like keys, locks can quickly become damaged over time due to bad weather, attempted break-ins or simply over-use. Sometimes, the damage can cause a lock to seize shut, in which case, a locksmith can help you to gain access to your property, and other times the lock can stop locking, in which case a locksmith can replace or repair the lock to allow you to safely secure your belongings.
    These are just six of the most common reasons why people may need the service of an experienced locksmith. If any of these sound a little too familiar to you and you need assistance from a Locksmith in North Somerset or Bath straight away, then give us a call on 07883 448936, and our 24-hour locksmith, Kirk, will be on his way.


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